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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Get it Right!

Game Name:
Get it Right!


Game Design Document:

Game Description:
This single player game, titled Get It Right, revolves around the 12 zodiac compatibility. Players play the game by rotating the axis at the bottom and matching them with the spawns which will appear and fall from the top. As the game continues, the level of difficulty increase as another spawning point and axis is created.
Another feature in this game is the introduction of Love God.

Brief Story of Love God
The Love God long existed and has been watching over the world. However, after his then Wife to be turned back on him, be began throwing away all that he once believe in. Hatred grows, and being in charge of the social affairs of the world, he now rages in on those who find love.
Most people find him to be a God which has lost his roots, and treated him as a nuisance.  However, some others find him a key figure in acquiring true love, for he often causes problems between in a relationship, ranging from, the daily quarrels between people(lovers) to the lost of trust and even infidelity. This essentially meant that those who are able to overcome these obstacles will find true love.

Introduction of Love God
The Love God will appear at a slightly later part of the game, and will reappear after the player passes each level. The Love God will first give a warning before appearing, another warning before he begins his rage.
In his rage form, he forces a beam between the spawn point and the axis. All spawns which collides with the beam while in active form, will be destroyed. Players have to deactivate the spawns and activate them back again when he wants to match it with the zodiac signs at the axis.
In order to progress in the game, the player must ensure that he/she has match the zodiac correctly based on the 12 zodiac signs compatibility.


This game is created by a team of 5 from Republic Polytechnic for our Understanding Test 2. It is designed under the theme "Zodiac" and is constrained by using only mouse movement and the left mouse button. At first we came up with many ideas but in the end, we went with the Lead Designer's ideas since the other ideas were not as good as his or that his idea was more manageable to prototype a game out in 2 weeks. 

The toughest thing in the development of this game is the amount of zodiac-related research we have to do so that every part of the game works as intended. As there are many version of zodiacs, we have to pick out which one is used for the game. We even created the chart so that players can see it and refer to it so that they know which one matches with another in relation to what version of zodiac we used. 

Significant Contribution and Achievements: 

I am the Lead Programmer for this game and I managed to program the game in 2 weeks.
This game is made under the theme "Zodiac" and it is played using the Mouse Movement and Left Mouse Button ONLY.
I got an A grade for the submission of this game.


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