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About Me

Name: Putera Nik
Alias/Also known as: Aizen Sousuke
Age: 22
Birthdate: August 1992
Nationality: Singaporean
Graduated from: Republic Polytechnic - Singapore - Diploma in Game Design with Merit


Hello readers! You can call me Putera or Aizen. I'm a goal-oriented person and I have a passion in creating games for others to enjoy! I usually spend several hours to prototype a game during my free time with my skills in programming using the Game Maker Engine. I'm currently still learning to use Industry-level game engines such as Unity3D and UDK. I love to explore computer systems and see how they work. Usually when I come across a problem, I'll find ways to solve it and learn new things in the process.

My Career Plan:

As a fresh graduate, I hope to land a job in the Games Industry, if possible. However I'm alright with going into another industry to pick up and/or refine my skills such as people skills, programming, entrepreneurship as all of these could help me further position myself in the Games Industry. I plan to become a Game Programmer and set up my own game development studio when I have enough skills and capital. Meanwhile, I wish to learn more as I go along.

Activities which I've participated in which relates to my portfolio:

Experimental Gameplay Project (
Global Game Jam ( and

For contact, please comment in the chatbox below or:

If you do wish to contact me by phone, do ask in the email above or check out my resume.

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