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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chakra 7

Game Name:
Chakra 7


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Chakra 7 is a puzzle game in which you control numbered Chakra blocks – rotating and maneuvering the blocks to place them in Sequence to form chains. Nirvana Blocks will spawn at set intervals converting Chakra chains to energy to restore a barren world.

In Chakra 7, every player action produces a different audio cue that organically adds to the background track, while the visuals in the background change according to the player’s play style and performance – Chakra 7 is an audio-visual experience where the game’s aesthetics are governed by the player’s actions and ensuring that no playthrough will be identical to the last.

There are a total of 7 levels in the game, and each level allows players to discover new elements based on their play-styles, and will soon turn into an enriching experience for the players as they progress further into the game.

One of the core features of the game is Nirvana Mode, which can be initiated via filling the Plant of Life with energy through speed and intelligent play. The amount of energy in the Plant of Life will also help to boost player score accordingly, and once fully filled, will allow player to enter Nirvana Mode. During Nirvana Mode, players get to have infinite Nirvana Orbs which would then create a potentially vast amount of energy as well as score when players use these on the sequence.


Sequence Chakra Blocks in running order and turn them into energy to increase score.

Game Flow Summary:

1) Blocks will fall from the top of the game field in pairs.

2) Rotate/Maneuvering the blocks inside the game field and form running number sequence by placing the blocks in adjacent grids. (1, 2, 3 / 3 ,4 ,5 ,6 etc).

3) Nirvana Orb spawns on intervals based on level of game, and they function as catalyst to change the running sequence into points and energy. Place them on any blocks of the running sequence to convert them. (A longer chain of running sequence gains you more points and energy.)

4) Energy level will be shown in the Plant of Life. Higher energy provides a higher multiplier for score, and once Plant of Life is completely filled with energy, player enters Nirvana Mode. (The energy in the Plant of Life deteriorates over time and deterioration rate increases per level.)

5) Nirvana Mode provides an unlimited amount of Nirvana Orbs for a short duration. Nirvana 2 is automatically unlocked once player reaches level 5, and to initiate Nirvana 2, one has to sustain for a period of time. During Nirvana Mode, energy in the Plant of Life decreases rapidly, however energy bonuses are given when players drop the Orbs on the blocks. Nirvana Mode ends when there is no more energy left in to Plant of Life, or when the duration ends.

6) As player goes into higher levels, more elements of the game can be unlocked. They can do this by playing in a variety of styles, such as going for short/medium/long combos.

7) Game ends when blocks reach the top of the game field.


This game was designed by our Lead Designer, Jin Hao, supported by artists, Swee Hoe and Jun Xian, led by producer, Kian Wei and programmed by me, Putera, for our Final Year Project at Republic Polytechnic. 

Significant Contributions or Achievements:

Learnt how to cope with a team of 5, under time constraints and everyone's limitations, making use of their strengths and considering their weaknesses. 

I also learnt how to think using System Dynamics to program the Algorithm which was used to calculate which blocks should be destroyed.

Lead Programmer of the Game

QA tester



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