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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Settlers of Pac Man Catan Fantasy XIII (Analog Game)

Game Name:
Settlers of Pac Man Catan Fantasy XIII

Games Design Document:


Pac-Man board game is about turn based strategy which the players will have to plan their moves carefully and tries to beat their opponents with their wits.

To start, each player has to role a die to determine who are the Pac-Man and the other player the ghost. After which, they will start by collecting pacdots on the board and the player with most pacdots wins.

But in this game there’s a twist, either player will become Pac-Man or the ghost during the game. This is to make it fair for both players to achieve the objectives of the game.

And to bring to a whole new level, we added boards that can be combined with the existing layout based on the difficulty level that the players chose to have.

On top of that, we give our players a more real life experience. We introduced different terrains so that players have more choices to consider and plan their moves carefully before committing their moves.


Before starting the game, two players are required to set up the modular board to their desired scenarios. After that, pacdots will have to be placed on the modular board that marks with an ‘X’.

Once done, both players need to roll a die to determine the character they are playing. Higher number will have the advantage of playing Pac-Man while lower number will play the ghost.

Upon decided, Pac-Man will roll a die to determine the amount of steps to take. When Pac-Man collected two pacdots more than the opponent, there will be a pacmandigm shift which literally means both characters will now switched and the role of the players changed.

If the ghost managed to capture Pac-Man, then Pac-Man will have to surrender one pacdot to the ghost and both will respawn to their starting position. And this will continue until all the pacdots on the board are totally cleared.



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