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Friday, October 22, 2010

Hell Cave

Game Name: 

Hell Cave



Hell cave is a game created by Putera Nik Dimas for Experimental Gameplay Project October Theme "Boys and Girls". It uses the mechanics of dragging using the mouse and it tests the precision of the players.


At first, this project was just a normal school assignment. However, when I saw that the theme for the EGP competition was "One Button Game", I decided to use that assignment and polish it up to make it a game whereby I can include all those concepts I've learnt in class into it and submit it for the competition. Therefore, I started to design the levels, create the sprites and code the whole assignment from scratch. After a few days of hard work, I managed to complete it and submit it in time. The original game was tough on the other levels due to it being a team assignment and my team members are pretty hardcore about making the levels hardcore. Therefore, I decided to drop that hardcore mode and make the levels here easier so that people can play this game and actually complete it. Though, there's a hardcore mode in this game for those hardcore gamers out there.

Significant Contribution and Achievements for this project:

I made this game from scratch and all the assets in this game is created by me, except the fonts and the menu picture (which was edited by me though).
I did this in 7 days for the Experimental Gameplay Project Competition. 


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