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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sheep Mayhem

Game Name:
MehhHam Sheeps (a.k.a Sheep Mayhem)


Game Description:

This game requires the player to put the right coloured sheeps into their respective coloured pens through using the mouse only. It's core mechanism are just attracting and repelling. The player is given limited amount of food and he must strategically use them to put the sheeps in the correct pen. The players gains a bonus for putting the right coloured sheeps in the right coloured pen.


This game is created for the Experimental Game play Project competition which is hosted every month. It comes with a theme and we're supposed to create a game in 7 days for it. However, to be honest, this game was done in more days than that due to the amount of people and the amount of polish the designer wanted for the game. In the end, the game turned out to be pretty polished, considering that this is the first the team made a game together.

The game started with many ideation and many iterations. As a programmer for the game, I am always asked by the designer to iterate on it to fit what he wanted the design to be. It was hard work and stressful but in the end, I managed to put the programming in place and this is how the game turned out to be. 

Significant Achievement or Contributions to this project:

I am the Lead Programmer for this project. 
Every part of the code was contributed by me. 
I learnt to code effectively when making this game.


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