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Friday, April 1, 2011


Game Name:
Created by:
Putera Nik Dimas Bin Ahmad

Brief Description:

    Landing is a game inspired by flight control and chu chu rockets. It was originally planned to be created for a school project but ended up as a freelance project for my own personal portfolio. Most of the assets in this game are by me with the exception of some sprites (clouds and backgrounds).

    Two weeks was needed to program and polish this game up - one man studio.

How to play:

    To play this game, you just need a mouse. The objective of this game is to guide all the coloured aeroplanes to the correct coloured parking. You must put arrows on the ground to make the aeroplanes turn when they are on them. Avoid crashing them into buildings or other aeroplanes and don't make them miss the airport!

Significant Contribution or Achievements for this project:

I was the Designer, Programmer and Artist for this game.
I learnt how to create a complete rapid prototype in 7 days for Experimental Gameplay Project this month.
I also learnt about how tough it is to create a game on my own.


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