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Thursday, August 18, 2011

QA Testing Dragon Nest Open Beta Test

Hi. I'm currently Open Beta Testing Dragon Nest during my free time to practice my Quality Testing skills. My method is, I play the game and if I encounter and bugs, I screenshot/video them and post them on the game's forums. I'll also put those reports that I've wrote here on my blog so that people can see what am I doing to improve myself.

This is my first bug report topic:

Topic Name: 
Mage's Tutorial Goblin Bug

The Shadow Forest Goblin run towards the gate without stopping and I cannot kill it with my attacks. I haveto exit to town and re-do the tutorial.

How to reproduce:
Upon entering the dungeon, head straight towards the gate until the Goblin is spawned (text shown on the screen) and turn. The goblin should run past the character and into the gates.

Date and Time of Bug (Approx):
DN 2011-08-18 16-17-52 Thu


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