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Saturday, November 19, 2011


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*****A familiar game put in a new, fun and puzzling concept!*****

Cabbit is a physics-based game inspired by the game of Pool, also known as Billiards.

It features Snowy, who is a hungry bunny looking for food to fill his tummy. Help him get to his food by swiping your finger in the direction that it should jump to. Avoid eating rotten sweets and jumping into flies as it would cause Snowy to be hurt.

-Unique and puzzling levels that test your spatial-temporal reasoning
-Easy to learn, hard to master control style
-2 Game Modes to learn and be challenged by: Story and Endless Mode
-Local and Online Highscore System

Learn how to play the game through the 10 levels in Story Mode – STEP BY STEP!

Try to score the highest by CHAINING your food together in one go and SURVIVING by not eating bad food!

Significant Contributions and/or Achievements:

This is the first time I've published a game on the Apple Appstore and this game was created using Unity 3D during my School's Internship at Portege.

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